New Zealand won, India reached the final! featured image

New Zealand won, India reached the final!

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Australia had already confirmed the final of the World Test Championship. Who will be the second team? The decision was 12,500 kilometers apart at both ends of the world. Ahmedabad and Christchurch. Australia vs India in Ahmedabad New Zealand vs Sri Lanka in Christchurch.

However, before the end of the Ahmedabad Test, India was confirmed as the second team in the World Test Championship final, soon after New Zealand’s victory in Christchurch. Sri Lanka’s defeat ensured India’s place in the final. The Indians will play the final of the World Test Championship for the second time in a row.


If Sri Lanka had won, they would have been in second place. In that case, even if India won in Ahmedabad, their final match would not be guaranteed. Because Sri Lanka has one more test left. Now that the Lankans have lost, even if they win the last Test, it will not matter. Ahmedabad Test is going to be a draw for sure. The result of this Test will keep India at the top.

Kane Williamson has ended Sri Lanka’s dream of playing in the final of the World Test Championship. With great batting, he gave victory to New Zealand by 2 wickets in the last ball.


Darryl Mitchell also batted brilliantly with Williamson. After scoring 102 runs in the first innings, he scored 81 runs off 86 balls in the second innings. Both these innings of his played a big role in the victory of the Kiwis. That’s why the man of the match award is also in his hands.

Sri Lanka dropped to number four after losing to New Zealand. South Africa came in third. Second-placed India has 60.29 points. Third-placed South Africa has 55.56 points and fourth-placed Sri Lanka has 48.48 points. If they win the last Test against New Zealand, the points will be 52.78.

India lose in Ahmedabad but their final is assured. Because, even if India loses this Test to Australia, they will be in both and their points will be 56.94. If the Test is drawn, India will finish with 58.80 points.



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